Shipping policy


How long does it take for the order to arrive and what are the shipping costs? 

If you make a purchase by 12:00 pm (CET), we will ship the order on the same day. Orders received after 12:00 pm (CET) will be dispatched the next business day.

 DPD by LAND - Shipping Information 

Shipping Costs(€)
Delivery Time
Portugal (Continental)
4.9 € (Free for orders over 100 €)
1 to 2 business days
Portugal (Islands)
4,9 € (Free for orders over 100 €)
3 to 5 business days
Spain (Continental)
15€ by land (Free for orders over 160€)
1 to 2 business days

14,9€ - 35€ by land shipping                              (Free for orders over 160€)

3 to 5 business days
United Kingdom
25€ by land shipping 
3 to 5 business days
Rest of the World 25€ - 35€ by land shipping  3 to 5 business days


The means and deadlines for delivery may change according to the time of year. The dates shown are indicative only. Any delay in the shipment of items, using the estimated dates shown as reference does not entitle the customer to any compensation.

Deliveries and collections are operated by DPD.

Deliveries are made from 9 am to 6 pm (CET) on business days. Someone must be at the address indicated to receive the order. This service does not include the option of scheduling, so the delivery of the order will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not guarantee this term in the periods of promotions, sales, Christmas and stockouts.

If you want to return or exchange, please contact us here

The customer is responsible for paying import & duties, it is not the responsibility of HANKEN.


8. Shipping and delivery

8.1 Delivery: where and when

We deliver products from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET). We do not ship on certain public holidays. We can only fulfil the delivery of an order if the delivery address is a home or office located in one of the countries mentioned in the table above.


To receive the order it is necessary to ensure that someone is at the address provided. This service does not include scheduling or appointment options, so the delivery of the order will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not guarantee this term in the periods of promotions, sales, Christmas and stock out.

A product is considered delivered, with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed address.


8.2 Delivery times

If you confirm your order on a business day until 12:00 pm (CET) and proceed with the payment by Credit Card or via Paypal, your order will be shipped within two business days (weekends and public holidays are not considered business days). If you choose to pay by Mbway reference, shipping is less effective, since we will only ship after receiving the payment. This can take between 5 to 7 days. 


Hanken will not be responsible for non-compliance, or delays in the fulfilment, of any obligation that is due to a force majeure event, that is, an event, act or omission, beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event - which comprises any event, act or omission, beyond the reasonable control of the "Seller").


We will try to deliver on time, to the extent that it is commercially reasonable. As a rule, we always do this, however, we cannot guarantee timely delivery.


8.3 Parcial Delivery

Whenever possible we will try to deliver everything in just one shipment. However, Hanken reserves the right to split the delivery of the order. For example (but not limited to), if part of your order is late or unavailable. In the event that we proceed with the division of the order, the customer will be notified by email, of our intention to proceed in this way. For this purpose, the email address provided by the customer at the time of purchase will be used.


 8.4 Inspection at the time of delivery

Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the packaging in order to ascertain any damage. If the customer finds that the products are damaged, he must not accept the delivery of the order, which will be returned. Hanken will refund the amounts paid for the order and shipping as soon as the warehouse receives and completes the return process.


Any complaint about the non-receipt of an order must be made within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of placing the order. At the end of this period, Hanken will not be responsible for its loss.


9. Shipping fees

9.1 Shipping fees are applied per order. The exact price of each shipment depends on the country of delivery. For more details on the shipping price by country, please refer to table above.


9.2 Free shipping

If the customer places an order with a value that exceeds the minimum order value defined for his country, available in the table above, shipping will be done at no cost.