Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Hanken. We are conscious of our role in protecting our planet, ecosystems, and the people living on it. We are a strong advocate of circularity. The framework of circular fashion is embedded in the culture of the brand, and a main focus in everything that is done. Hanken therefore believes in the process of: reduce, repair, reuse, recycle. 

All our products are designed to last - with the prospect of ensuring longevity and buying less. We believe in a smaller but better wardrobe which can be fashion in function and of timeless wear. We aim to increase sustainable fibres as much as possible, and keep close contact with all suppliers in our chain. We control all stages of our supply chain, and strive to keep finding better and more sustainable ways to operate and produce our collections. 


Sustainable Materials

Seamless Collection: Q-NOVA® Recycled Polyamide

Hanken Seamless Collection is made using Q-NOVA® Recycled Polyamide. Q-NOVA® is an environmentally-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials and which meets given traceability requirements. The polyamide yarn is made from production waste and saves on energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. The process also cuts down water usage by up to 90% compared to regular polyamide production. Q-NOVA Polyamide creates a high quality, breathable, lightweight fabric with moisture control that keeps the skin fresh and dry. The yarn is infused with antibacterial properties that neutralize odours and eliminate bacteria and fungal build up on the textile. Approved by the WHO, the treatment is non toxic and eco-friendly. (Properties: Thermal, Dry, Comfort, Eco, Lightness).


All of our packaging is either recycled, recyclable or even compostable. We aim to package and ship using the smallest amount of packaging, and space - in turn being able to provide a high quality delivery reducing harm to our planet. Please help us to recycle our full packing set when you want to dispose of it - if you have received a compostable mailer - we challenge you to create you own compost.