Sustainability & Materials

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet. We understand that our actions have an impact on the environment, and we strive to make a positive impact in everything we do. Our focus is on circularity, and we embrace the principles of reduce, repair, reuse, and recycle.

We design our products to last, with the goal of reducing waste and promoting longevity. We believe in creating a smaller, but better wardrobe that is both functional and timeless.

We aim to increase the use of sustainable fibers and maintain close relationships with all of our suppliers to ensure that we maintain our high standards of sustainability.

We control all stages of our supply chain and are continuously looking for better and more sustainable ways to operate and produce our collections. 

Sustainability it's at the core of everything we do. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future and be a part of HANKEN that is committed to protecting our planet and the people who live on it.


Sustainable Materials

Seamless Collection: Q-NOVA® Recycled Polyamide

Hanken Seamless Collection is made using Q-NOVA® Recycled Polyamide. Q-NOVA® is an environmentally-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials and which meets given traceability requirements. The polyamide yarn is made from production waste and saves on energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. The process also cuts down water usage by up to 90% compared to regular polyamide production. Q-NOVA Polyamide creates a high quality, breathable, lightweight fabric with moisture control that keeps the skin fresh and dry. The yarn is infused with antibacterial properties that neutralize odours and eliminate bacteria and fungal build up on the textile. Approved by the WHO, the treatment is non toxic and eco-friendly. (Properties: Thermal, Dry, Comfort, Eco, Lightness).


Sourcing & Production

We are dedicated to sourcing the most sustainable materials and processes for our products. We believe in being close to our supply chain, and we take the time to personally know our factories, the people who work in them, and the conditions in which they work. This allows us to ensure that our products are made with the highest level of sustainability and ethical production.

We work closely with our suppliers to select the most sustainable materials for our products. Our focus is on reducing waste and being as transparent as possible about our production processes.

We are constantly exploring new ways to reduce our environmental impact during production, such as choosing processes that are good for our planet and the performance of our products.

We believe that by being transparent and open about our sourcing and production practices, we can help our customers make informed decisions and promote a more sustainable future for all.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products, and we strive to be a brand that our customers can trust and feel good about supporting.



Our packaging is either recycled, recyclable, or compostable, and we strive to use the smallest amount of packaging possible to reduce harm to the planet. When you receive our products, we ask that you help us recycle our packaging to minimize our impact on the environment.